Friday, February 6, 2015

Exhibition Opening Success !! Thank You !!

"The Quest" - My Solo Exhibition of Intuitive Art opened on 25th January 2015 , with 40 paintings on Display.
The opening was a great success with huge participation as well as Sale.
Lots of love and wishes showered  , THANK YOU for all your support and Love !!
If you could not make it to opening , I will be available at the gallery  7 & 8 February 2015 (Saturday, Sunday) 10:00AM -4:00 PM , do plan to come and visit !!
Location , Jaycee Center for Arts
1975, Puritan Dr,
Irving , TX -75061

One of the Attractions of exhibition was un-veiling of "The Change" Mandala , which I had been working over last 1 month. Its a Mandala made with energies of I-Ching (the book of Changes).
Its Infused with powerful healing energies to help the owner go through changes with ease and bring positive changes in his life and the Society at large.
The Mandala is now at display with other paintings till 25th February 2015.
I will also be conducting the "Intuitive Mandala 2-Day Workshop at the same location 7 & 8 February 2015