Monday, December 8, 2014

Down the Memory Lane : "Chakra Meditation" My first Encounter !!

It was in the most unexpected way I got introduced to "Chakra Meditation" and Art of making "Mandala" about 13 years back !!

I had joined a new job and was to go through 2 month long grueling training on various software concepts, along with 30 other new Joinee.
Early morning, dressed in our formal attire,  we came out of the bus looking forward for a new promising life in IT , money , success and probably an Onsite trip.
This was my 3rd job and was expecting to be escorted to a big room for training to be bombarded with Jargons and technical Mantras.

Instead , we were taken to the back of the building in a covered yet open area and were asked to lie down on Mats, by this very sweet lady , who was one of our training coordinator.No computer or projector  as anyone will expect for IT training, not even table and chairs  - just an open space. Made us confused and uncomfortable !!  

Hesitant we lied down on the mat staring at the ceiling , "what next ?", and then came a heavy yet calm male voice  "Close your eyes and visualize...."
Still confused , I followed the instructions , and soon was feeling very relaxed. Time flew and I guess I had dozed off , till  I heard the sweet voice of the coordinator asking us to sit up .

 Later were escorted to the normalcy of breakfast and then the "real" training room of our imagination - large room with tables chairs , projectors and a series of Jargons !!

This schedule continued every single day of our training - and sleep-deprived us , used to look forward for this extra hour  "official rest" in workplace followed by an affirmation chanting which made our IT dream of fame and wealth look real " Day by Day, in every way , I become Healthy Wealthy, Happy & Wise".

Days Later we came to know that we were being put through a "Chakra Meditation" to help us feel more energetic and manage stress of the long training we were put through. 
That heavy voice, as we learnt ,  was of  a Spiritual Guru in India with a long difficult name I could never get right !!!  :).
Since then , Chakra Meditation part of my routine and I experience many benefits(will share them sometime).

My first Introduction to Mandala happened the same year , in same office in yet another unusual way...