Intuitive "Mandala" Painting Workshop

Mandala” is an ancient symbol denoting the essence of Universe. They are also spiritual meditation tools representing wholeness, harmony and balance of energy. Detailed design and soothing colors have attracted artists from all cultures to paint Mandala over centuries as an artistic expression of soul.

This workshop invites you to explore and create an intuitive Mandala connecting with your own energies , in a relaxed Meditative approach.
Connect with the Soul's wisdom and discover the message the universe holds for you , through this Intuitive style of Painting.

The workshop will be conducted with Guided Meditations and Soothing music . We will be painting a 24”x24” Mandala, using Professional quality acrylic paints.

Painting Intuitive  Mandalas  will help you: R Creatively connect with your own energy  R Intuitively connect with energy center requiring attention R Work to release any blockages R Create a visual tool which can help you bring required energy balance in your life R Learn to meditate using Mandala . 

What can you expect from the workshop?
1.    Introduction the Mandalas and their significance  
2.    Understanding of color correlation with and our well-being
3.    Guided techniques to intuitively design individual Mandala with use of energy and sacred symbols which resonate with you
4.    Understanding of color theory
5.    Different type of brushwork and techniques to design and paint soothing and Meditative Mandalas.
6.    Painting techniques to help paint the Mandalas .
Beginning of the year is a great time to find that energy balance and create a visual tool for meditation which can help you maintain a steady flow of Energy & Vitality throughout the year.

Come and experience meditation and paint a beautiful & colorful Mandala of your own, reflecting the true beauty of your wholeness and sacred energy of soul. Mandala painting is very pleasing to our senses as well soul. A retreat with yourself with a supporting community - You totally deserve this!!
 Noopur has been painting and drawing Mandalas for over 12 years. She now paints Intuitive Mandala for clients to help in Energy Balancing in collaboration with an Energy, FengShui & Vaastu Consultant & Guru.

Age group : 18 yrs and Above ( non-artists & artists)
Pre-requisite: Be Open to exploring and experimenting in art.

Cancellation Policies for workshop:
 1. In event of registration withdrawal/cancellation by Registrant :
      a.  If cancellation notice is provided at least 15 days before the class ,  $50 convenience fee will be charged and deducted and balance will be refunded 
     b.  Non Refundable if registration withdrawal is done within less 15 days prior to the scheduled class date. However  , a partial Fee Transfer option can be provided on request , towards future full day workshops by Noopur, after deduction of $50 convenience fee.
    c.  No refund or adjustment can be made for No-shows in workshop. 
2.  In event of workshop cancellation by Noopur , due to any unseen event , the paid amount will be will be refunded in full .

Please feel free to email w.r.t to any queries on Workshop, Registration & Cancellation.