Journey Into Heart

"Journey Into Heart " Intuitive Art workshop

"REFLECT , VISUALIZE, AFFIRM and TRANSFORM" –Join this intensive four stage Journey to your Heart … !!
This workshops brings you powerful techniques of creative visualization & manifestation using collage & painting combined with the Intuitive Art Process to bring a transformational experience in your life, through art.
In Noopur's  words "The workshop combines the creative and transformational energies to bring a harmony and balance to body, mind and soul while “implanting the seeds of manifesting” your goals at each of these level, through an intensive workshop on writing your life story and painting through the imagery and symbols."

What can you expect from this workshop :You will take home a “transformational story of your life“; a beautiful Intuitive style collage painting with infused with your life story; action plan to fast pace your goals and affirmations to keep you boosted in your journey to life of your dreams; techniques on collage paper making, intuitive style painting process; and tips to develop your own style, how to making your own stamps and much more ….

Cancellation Policies for workshops :
 1. In event of registration withdrawal/cancellation by Registrant :
      a.  If cancellation notice is provided at least 7 days before the class ,  $20 convenience fee will be charged and deducted and balance will be refunded 
     b.  Non Refundable if registration withdrawal is done within less 7 days prior to the scheduled class date. However  , a partial Fee Transfer option can be provided on request , towards future full day workshops by Noopur, after deduction of $20 convenience fee.
    c.  No refund or adjustment can be made for No-shows in workshop. 

Please feel free to email w.r.t to any queries on Workshop , Registration & Cancellation.
 “Explorative , Intuitive , Spontaneous , Meditative , Relaxing”
"Come be Part of this “Unique Creative Journey” ….
A Doorway to your “Creative Self”, and a whole new “Word Of Possibilities” !!!