Monday, October 26, 2015

In Your Remembrance

One day , I was sitting next to my Master , he was very happy that day and asked,  "Tell me , What do you want ?"

I thought for a while , and said
"Master let me pray to you always , that is all I want . To always live in your Remembrance"

He smiled , and was about to say something . Just then , I had a thought ,
"What good are my prayers , if they can't help anyone ? "

And I spoke
"Master , wait !! I want to be in your prayers and Let those prayers be useful to someone ."

The smile Vanished !!

I could not understand what I did wrong !! I only want to 'Pray' and be in 'his Remembrance' and 'Help' the World" ...

He sat there quiet , as if waiting for me to Think and Rethink .

Seeing Him like that , I was confused and sheepishly said ,
"Master give me only Your Remembrance, and only your prayers"

His smile returned , He got up and embraced me and spoke (finally !! ) ,
"So Be It !! Now you have got it . You understand !! "

I am happy to see my Master happy , and I am blessed to receive His Love !!

May I also understand ...... Fully .... !!