Saturday, September 20, 2014

Journey Into Heart .. an Intuitive Painting Process

The workshop has been filling fast, we are almost full strength !! Only 1 spot left !!

 I have continuously been getting queries on what exactly is the workshop about.
I find it really difficult to explain in few words what it really is , for everyone's experience will be different , even though we all will be painting in acrylics , in similar fashion and working with similar set of questions about life .
Each of our story is different and so shall the painting be .

The easiest answer I find is to point people to my videos to experience at a glance what they will be "doing" , but I still have no words to explain what they will or can experience in this Journey into their Heart...
Its a Journey of Layers ... uncovering the layers of life and painting the layers of colors ...
So once again , here is a video to help you get a little feel a little of what you will be "doing" in this workshop ....

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Journey Into Heart - Filling Fast

I am so very Grateful and Super Excited !!
Not long after we opened our Intuitive art workshop " Journey Into Heart" , we have had good number of registrations . the class has been filling fast and only Few pots remaining.

This workshop is the closest to my heart , in all my art form. 
I had been so passionate about reaching out to people and sharing the incredible transformation I had in my waking life , while unknowingly painting with my soul's energy and my life story.
When I approached Sharon Giles , an extremely talented Mixed Media artist an Art Instructor to collaborate with me on a workshop to "raise energies" of people around and bring them Love , Peace and Joy , I had a vague idea of how we will execute it- May be an affirmation painting workshop.

In process of explaining my concept , I walked Sharon , on the art process I had been following and that is when I realized, its the process itself I wanted to share !!
And there developed this workshop "Journey into Heart" , combining our unique skills on - multifold Art techniques by Sharon , and deep Spiritual and Intuitive based a process.

Come and Join us in this Creatively Blessed Journey into Self and the Creative Being God made us !!
Registrations open :

Connecting with our Angels - 26th Aug

What a Fun workshop we had connecting with our Angels !!
On 26th August , we had our Creative arising workshop on Painting Angels and Guides at Irving Art Association.
It was a creatively blessed day in company of the creative and passionate souls ..
Here are some shots from the workshop ..

Introducion   getting to know supplies
Introduction :Noopur talking about Supplies and Materials
Connecting with our Angels using Symbols and words

We Have a little Angel Visitor :) !!
Some layers with our Angel Shapes from Autodidactic "Seeing the unseen Process"

Continuing to build layers !!

Angel painting in progress , few finishing touches to go !!